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Here is this weeks blog. Back to normal. A poem followed by an optional impression.

This blog is Pagan in it’s theme so if that is offensive to you or not your intrest you’ll want to skip this blog.

I am in holiday mode so I will get back to everyone tomorrow. I haven’t forgotten you! 🙂

For those of you who will read this impression. Ostara is Easter without the Christianty. The holiday has many names. I choose this one. The impression is a very general sweeping overview of the Pagan origions of Ostara. It is not specific. I’ll leave specifics for another time. 🙂

If you do want to know more about Easter/Ostara traitions seriously…type Easter Traditions into your searching browser of choice and knock yourself out! There is an endless variety of traditions and activities to read about and enjoy.
If your desperate for a place to start, these are three of my favourites for egg decorating goodness. 🙂


Learn pysanky

Pysanky showcase

Okay…Here we go! 🙂


Diffuse amber rays light a easterly path.
To half hidden corners filled with jasmine
Seeing their first light
After winters cold darkness.

Wildflowers carpet paths
And cracks between stones.
The grass soft bright green
Heavy with droplets of rain.

The clouds lie low
Some white lined with mornings gold.
Some grey with silvery linings.

A whiff of warmth lies on the early morning breeze.
Frost cast aside.
The world alight
In soft rock daisy pastels and chrythanumum whites,
Greens of new stem and leaf, soft purples and blues.

Life itself seems to be smiling.
All so fresh
All so brand new.

Meadows are dotted with cottonballs of sheep
full and lush with plenty for all to eat.
Magies warble now one of so many
Lorikeet, Galah, Raven and Corella.

Lambs dance in the early morning sun.
Calves are prancing about.
Even old mother cow.
She takes a leap down the hill running
With all her might.

Life itself is at play.
Laughter and smiles
Come easily.
Energy busts forth spontaneously.

On a table strewn with cut daisies
A spread of fruit, butter, scones
Is waiting for after eggs are discovered.

Eggs of bright red, yellow and blue,
Boiled, chocolate, and papier mâché.
Eggs, writ with designs
Of life, love, fertility.
Eggs carved with flowers, rabbits and lambs.

Life itself relaxes in the Spring morning.
Full of possibilites and curiosities.
We too can relax and give thanks.
Ponder the future, linger and wonder.
We too can laugh and breathe fresh breath.


© 2010 Tikarma Vodicka

Poetical Impressions. Ostara, 19th September 2010

One a spring morning, sometime just after equinox a woman and her children went gathering.
They weren’t aware that the spring equinox had just passed but they knew the days were getting warmer, and each day bought with it more lasting light and warmth.

Even with all the rain that had recently poured down. They were aware that as if by magic all the frost and snow had given way to fresh new grass and wildflowers.
The ground was soft to walk upon, the air held the rich scent of pollen and many trees buzzed with bees as birds flitted about as if dancing.

This mother knew that if they stood very still by the edges of a clearning and were very quiet they may see rabbits and if they were very lucky a doe with her fawn.

The mother returned with her children who carried bunches of wildflowers and blossoms. Not for any reason other than they were pretty. It made them feel good to smell the scents of the flowers and look upon the freshness of them and some were edible.

Men returned home with the first good hunt of game. That night the community gathered with their shaman and were told stories of how this time came to be, and how the stars and the sun came to change their courses.
The shaman knew equinox had just passed. Many years of study had showed him that at this time the amount of day and night would be equal for one day with the light then further increasing. He was assured of summers return and he in turn reassured the community. Blessing their hunting weapons and gathering baskets.
This would go for several nights until the community had shared all its knowledge.

As time went on and these communities combined and became larger, domesticated crops would be blessed as well as hunting weapons and the fruit trees that most people gathered fruit from.
Some communities would celebrate equinox with their spiritual leaders, culminating in several days of celebration. Other communites would hold their celebrations after equinox when their spiritual leaders were certain of summers return.
People now were even more aware of springs return. Goats gave birth to kids, lambing and calving season began elsewhere. Domesticated fowl began laying eggs again. The shoots from planting at Imbolc began to rise from the soil.

It was these first eggs and those wildflowers and rabbits that paved the way for the traditions of Ostara.
An abundance of flowers meant an abundace of life and fertility. Rabbits and eggs too meant fertile times were ahead.
In the quieter days while it rained and in some areas where Spring came a little later the first laid eggs would be kept aside. The nourishing yolks would be blown form their insides and used in cooking. The shells were carefully preserved and decorated with symbols that would represent the needs of the community and the joy of spring.
Eggs held a very portable symbol of fertility and new life. In times when living was hard they were a reasuring symbol that life really would indeed get easier.

As spring came closer some eggs were boiled; to play games with, to use as charms and to eat on the day of celebration when everything would be painted in bright colours and decorated in flowers.

Ostara is a movable holiday just as the the days of spring wax and wane from warm to cold to warm again.
It was known though that after equniox one could say spring had arrived.

As houses were painted with bright flowers and colours and trees decorated with painted eggs, flower arragements would be made for the home and to bring to the comminuty gathering.
Before Christanity put its stamp on Ostara what were they celebrating? Simply, life. That they were alive, the earth was alive and that life would go on.

It’s easy to forget in these modern times that our ancestors really struggled and went through a lot of loss over winter. It really was an achievent to see yourself and family to Spring. Ostara gave them a reason to celebrate, cast aside their sorrows and look forward to new life and the future.

The food supply was now secure, the rain ensured the crops planted would indeed grow, the laughter from the children running around and playing games gave them hope.

It’s easy to take so much for granted in this modern age, we’re warm, well fed, have many luxuries. It easy to get wrapped up in our worlds and daily struggles that we forget to be grateful. Not just for what we have but our very existance.

Through the symbols of Ostara, be they chocolate or the good old fashioned boiled egg we can stop to take a moment to truely be grateful for the miracle of life, natures ability to renew itself and for our own lives.

We can use the symbols of Ostara to help us visualise those elemnts we desire in our lives.
For many Ostara becomes all too quickly the realm of children. Yet chocolate too is just another addition of the sweet meats and treats that would be given at this time. The sweet of spring!

If we look not very far to the traditions still practised today in Europe we can see that Ostara holds more than just sweets for children. It also holds a wealth of creative fun for ourselves to draw out our inner child.

Many shy away from decoration because they aren’t artistic, but that’s half the laugh. Having some fun and seeing what you can create. You may surprise youself!

Ostara is the big uninhibited smile, the gasp and surprise to see a rabbit hopping down the street, the awe of a sparrow lighting on your window sill. Ostara, is the deep breath and the relax as you feel the suns’ warmth on your skin. Ostara is the belly laugh of jokes shared.

Ostara is life.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.
May a light of hope shine its way into the quieter corners of your days
May energy and a love for life find its way to your heart and spirits.

Take care all.


14 thoughts on “Ostara

  1. Hi Tikarma,

    Ahhhh….a wonderful poem capturing the very essence of Ostara and the blossoming of Spring! You have taken all those wonderful elements that one see’s this time of year and painted a beautiful story that has such a strong visual element to it! This piece is so visual and evokes emotion within ones self as you take us on a very magical journey of nature, childhood, life and play. You again remind us that many old ways have been lost, but can be found within ourselves just under the surface of the everyday crap that we get bogged down into, if we just take the time to discover the wonders of mans place within nature.

    And I do love the references to the cows and calves running down the hills! Something I have seen often up here in Strathalbyn that always makes me laugh with delight and gave me a happy feeling recalling it within your poem.

    And I do love this edition of your Poetical Impressions! I love the way the poem gives way to a wonderful story! Teaching through story telling seems to be a lost art that you seem to have channelled and revived. It made for such wonderful reading and at the same time, passing of knowledge. You have taken us back to another time while at the same time, doing it in a way that would have been practiced back then. In essesnce, you have practiced what you have preached, and we are all the better for it.

    Thank you for sharing Ostara with us and for making the magic come alive for me!

    With love always,



    1. Hi Jamie,

      Thankyou for your very lovely comments. I’m really glad you enjoyed the poem and that it captured spring for you.
      I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to mention the cows. There’s sometihng about a fulll grown cow running down a hill…well you can’t help but smile.
      I’m very glad too you liked the impression. It’s something a little on the different side. Teaching through storytelling is certainly a lost art, it would seem most often people these days are out to frightenen and scare and shock.
      I’m glad you feel better for it having read it. It’s all can hope for.

      Thankyou too for your effort in trying to make Ostara a wonderful holiday. Now we just need to cross our fingers that the spring weather is a more on the sunny side and less on the wet side…
      …..is that….hmmm…Ostara bunny is knocking :-)…see you on the other side of the screen.

      Yours in love always.

  2. Tikarma,

    I love the synchronicity of us both posting poems on the same day which start off at dawn – you in spring, me in autumn – which, of course, reflects our different places on the surface of this earth.

    I love too your blogs which take us back to the origins of our celebrations and connect them, very firmly, with the Earth. We so easily forget these days in the over glut of commercialisation the traditions in which these things are founded. In fact we forget a whole lot and treat the Earth as a plaything thus gradually destroying it – but that is the subject of another blog altogether!!

    Reflecting also on Jamie’s comment and thinking about story telling you clearly come from that long tradition – you tell stories in your painting, in your poetry and in your blogs. I look forward to the production of your CD when I can dim the lights and just listen.

    I loved the poem because it reflects, in its richness and its joy a lovely, almost child like, appreciation of what is good in life.

    Life is good.


    1. Hi David,

      Thankyou so much! 🙂
      I’m really glad you enjoyed this blog.

      I love the synchronicity too of our postings. It’s a good reminder of the harmony that flows through life.
      Depsite the opposites of our weather and life paths, there is a commonailty and balance that sits well. Where there is darkness there too is light etc.

      I really am glad that you enjoy these posts of origions. In starting to write about my faith I decided that it was the best place to start.
      Yes I think some attitudes towards out beautiful planet and its destruction will have to wait for another blog. It’s certainly something that gets under my skin!!

      Thankyou too for the compliment. ((HUG)) I suppose I am loathe to say I’m a stroyteller. I have so much respect for the bards of old but I guess that is what I’m doing, telling stories. 🙂

      I’m very happy you liked the poem. Spring to me is full of childlike wonders, so I’m very glad you picked up the “almost, childlike, appreciation…” because that is very much there as I look upon each flower, stem and bud. 🙂

      re: CD.
      It’s coming along, granted very slowly, but Jamies’ CD comes first. I have set a date for mid next year, to be realistic. I’m looking forward though to being able to finally have it out and hopefully have others and yourself enjoy the journey of my poetry. 🙂

      Life is indeed good my friend!! 😀

      All my best to you and thanks again.

  3. Blessed Vernal Equinox & Blessed Ostara! I was gonna e-mail but decided to greet you through here! *Huggles!* E-mail will be coming this week!

    1. *HUGGLES*
      Awww thankyou!!!

      It’s so lovely to see you here Ted, and thanks for subscribing to my blog too. 🙂

      My many blessings to you too that as you transition through the Autumnal exquinox , Autumn moves in calmly for you and yours.

      I look forward to your email.


  4. I felt exactly as if we were sitting all around you, listening to your poem and your story! I enjoyed it!
    May spring bring warm sunshine, lots of inspiration and joy at the display of flowers, in all their different shapes and colors!
    and the fragrance of jasmine! The photo looks lovely!
    mum & Karley xx

    1. Hi Mum,

      Thankyou very much! I’m really glad you enjoyed this blog.
      Thankyou for the springtime wishes. I hope the sunshine brings lots of inspiration and flowers your way too!
      I’m glad you like the photo. I was very excited to see my peas flowering, I can’t wait until their little pods are ready! *lol*

      BIG PATS to Karley

  5. Tikarma,

    I was tempted to comment twice–once before I read your impressions. Your poem is so beautiful. Spring is the season when life smiles and plays–like a child again. So many wonderful images in this poem–I won’t quote because it would have to be the entire poem! It is Autumn here, which is actually my favorite season. Still, you have made me yearn for Spring. I see it here on your land, spreading wide and new like a pastel dawn over grasslands.

    Thank you for the impressions. I love the way you speak of these ancient traditions, and how they have influenced so many parts of our lives today, telling it like a story, bringing it to life with real people who certainly would have existed just as you described them. I learn a lot from your blogs. This is the sort of thing I would choose to pull from a shelf and read when I had lots of other material available.

    I am blessed to have you for a friend.

    (((BIG HUGS)))

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Thankyou so much for your beautiful comments. I’m blushing and somewhat stuck for what to say *LOL* Thankyou so much for your kind words. ((hug))
      I’m very glad that you enjoyed the poem so much and it was able to evoke the feelings and senitments of Spring for you despite it being Autumn in your parts.
      I must admit I’m a summer girl still. I love the heat and warm evenings. 🙂

      I’m very happy too that you enjoyed the Impression just as much. For myself its part of my faith so this is vital learning on my spiritual journey. It gives me great joy that others are able to appreciate and enjoy a very important part of my life and learning along with me.

      Thankyou for taking the time out to read.

      The feeling is very much mutual, I feel very blessed to have you as friend too!

      (((BIG HUGS))))
      with much love

  6. I really liked the poem. Is it spring by you? It just turned Autumn three days ago by me. Where I live though is near the equator, so the weather doesn’t change nor get cooler until December or so. It’s still hot, but gets to about 30F (I’m not sure in Celsius) in February. You can actually see the ice on the grass and on the windows. LOL. I know that in places like Argentina, Winter is Summer and Summer is Winter. I think I just confused that. But when it’s Winter in NY, it’s Summer there and vice versa. Okay, I’m just babbling now…ha ha.

    I really do love the poem, and I am always interested in learning something new. I especially love learning about different religions and cultures. I am glad you shared this.



    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem.

      Yes it is spring here. like South America we’re south of equator so I’m always opposite to your season. When it’s your winter its my summer etc.

      We get ice here too in winter. It’s not quite cold enough to snow. We have a mediterranian climate where I am in South Australia, so we have hot dry summers and mild but fridgid winters, ummm, it’s similar to California.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the impression on Ostara too. I enjoy sharing with you. 🙂


  7. Hi Tikarma. I really enjoyed this and always the post afterwards. It makes the ostara just ooze through the body and mind hee-hee. Apologies for not being more articulate in my response as you know my mind has been mush lately finding it difficult to put words together that make sense. It truly was a wonderful read if I am allowed to be simplistic. Take care out there be safe and by all means be happy, best wishes to you and yours

    xo Gary

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for stopping by to read. It’s always a pleasure to see you here and I’m very glad that you enjoyed the poem and impression.
      You don’t need fancy words. Just knowing that you enjoyed what you read is more than good enough for me. 🙂

      I hope you’ve found your way through the mush feeling you’ve been having lately.

      Take care of yourself my friend.
      All the best to you and those you hold dear


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