A Blessing (For a Wedding)

Hey everyone,

Here is this weeks blog. There is no impression this week.

This is a poem I wrote back in 2006 for a family friend who needed a speech for a wedding and seeing as today is my wedding anniversay, 12 years! *faints* it seems apt.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

While I contemplate how quickly time flies…(12 years!) I hope you all will find in your weeks that heart warming moment that makes you smile; be it with a friend, or someone closer, the beautiful surise or the graceful moonrise.

Take care all.


A Blessing (for a wedding)

May the passion of the desire you share, hold you safe, be a shelter from winds and storms.
May your love be a safe harbour.

May your dreams be a solid rock for the foundation of your future together.
May your faces shine with the radiance of your companionship and love.

May you always look upon each other with an honesty that is a witness to your love.
May your eyes shine with the memories you will build together.

May you always look upon each other like precious and priceless treasure.
May your lips be the source of affection, speaking truths with respect and inspiration.

May you always speak with equality for each other, being fair, honest and strong.
May you laugh.

May your voice be the sweetest song.
May your hearts always be afire, supple and sensuous with unconditional love

May you keep safe each others hearts, holding them in pleasure, passion and curiosity.
May your hands be your strength as you build your home, always warm and firm.

May you hold one another’s hands in faith, in hardship, in all your successes, with pride and joy.
May it be the sweetest joy, that you have found a face, a place in another’s arms to call your own.

May this map of life bring a tender yearning to build roads together that lead to the same destination.
May you find richness and sustenance in your journey together, a longing to always cherish each other.

May this marriage, this combining of family and friends, be transforming.
Two have joined to become one.

May we, for you both, be as safe bridges over raging rivers.
For the times to be cherished. The good times, the hard times, the quiet times.

May your union be a blessing to all who see you, know you, and love you.
May your love and marriage be an inspiration to you both and for us all.


© 2006 Tikarma Vodicka


12 thoughts on “A Blessing (For a Wedding)

  1. Tikarma,

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Twelve years is a long time, and yet it is just a day when you are with someone you really love having in your life. I’m so jealous! Just kidding, I’m very happy for both of you! You are only 38 years away from your Golden anniversary. *smile*

    I remember this poem, and it is just as lovely to read now as it was the first time I read it.

    Each line is deeply touching, but this bit is my favorite part. It describes what I would dearly love to have in my own life.

    “May you hold one another’s hands in faith, in hardship, in all your successes, with pride and joy.
    May it be the sweetest joy, that you have found a face, a place in another’s arms to call your own.”


    Much love & many (((HUGS)))

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Thankyou very much for the anniversary wishes. ((hug))
      *LOL* only 38 years, it should fly by in a blink of an eye. *smile* We never used to celebrate our anniversary but once we got to 7 years we figured we may be stickng together *lol* and thus it may be nice to mark the occasion. *lol*

      I’m glad you still enjoy this poem and find it moving. The part you highlighted as your favourite I think is one of the more important aspects of being with someone.

      You know me, and my belief in never say never…I always keep a door of hope open for you in my thoughts. *smile*

      Thanks again for stopping by. It’s always wonderful to have you here.

      (((((BIG HUGS)))))
      with much love


    Yes, 12 years of marriage has just flown by! I still can not believe that it has been this long. Well, time does fly when you are in love. I’ll save my soppy comments for offline, but I will say that this has been the best 12 years of my life and you are my greatest blessing.

    But to your blessing. It is a wonderful blessing to give a young (or old) couple just starting off on their union. You have poetically touched on what a marriage is. It is a union, a mutual support, a cheer squad (I finally got to work pom-poms in) and a united front all cemented in love. You capture the nature of love and the joy that it brings to a devoted and loving couple. Your words are so beautiful and touching, and I know it made a big impact on the couple that read it out at their childs wedding. You can be very proud that your beautiful words have been shared by a loving couple for those that they love, and on a sacred day, you have made a difference.

    Thank you Tikarma for sharing this again. I can think of no better words to celebrate our anniversary, with the exception of your beautiful card you gave me that brought tears to my eyes.

    To many more years together with the woman I love.




    1. Hi Jamie,

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! to you too sweetie!!

      Awww, I miss out on online smooshing *pouts*
      Yes 12 years has just flown by. It has indeed been a blessing, pleasure and priveledge to spend it with you! 🙂
      ..And I think that’s about all the mush my blog can handle….you know the rest. *cheeky smile*

      Thankyou for your wonderful comments. I intend to get those poms poms by the way… 🙂
      Your thoughts certainly highlight the truth of marriage. It is very much a team effort.
      I agree with your sentiments (obviously *lol*) and I’m really glad that poem still moves you and resonates with you.

      *LOL* I remember, the poem made everyone cry! It is a good feeling though to know your words helped others to feel happy and full of hope for the future on such an important day.

      I didn’t mean to make you cry with my card either. At least they were happy “I’m loved” tears…. *cheesy grin*

      Thankyou so much again and yes to many many more years together!!

      Yours always in love

  3. If one can barge into your love nest here, 🙂
    I agree with Shirley.(Stay optimistic Shirley, life is full of surprises!)
    “May it be the sweetest joy, that you have found a face, a place in another’s arms to call your own.” I think this is the hardest part in living on one’s own, having lost “the loved one and the place”.
    As fallible as human love is – it is still the closest we get to “heaven” while here.
    Enjoy many more years together, sweet!

    1. *LOL* love nest *look around innocently* 🙂

      Hi Mum,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I think that line really does sum up being with someone, because it does contain that most basic desire we all have and need.

      Thankyou too for your good wishes for Jamie and I. ((hug))

      I’m focused these days of being grateful for the time I have with Jamie. I spent far too much time dwelling on the inevitable and wondering about the future, because it is hard when you’re on you’re on your own. ((hug))
      I guess too that is part of why we seek another and why we hang on.
      I’m so aware of loneliness these days, but it has made me grateful that Jamie comes home.

      I do agree with your comment. Human love is fallible, but if you find that person then yes it’s heaven even on those not so great days.

      I hope you are to able enjoy this sunny weather we are having weaving.


    Thank you for sharing that with us.
    I always thing significant anniversaries are worth sharing. They are a time to look back and a time to look forward and, in this particular case a time to say “OMG – We did that”

    My love goes out to you both.

    I remember the poem from the last time you posted it. It moved me then, it moves me now.

    The words which speak to me this time are “safe harbour” If we can both provide a safe harbour and have a safe harbour available then we have a relationship which can thrive. I shall ponder further on that thought.

    Take care

    1. Hi David,

      Thankyou!! 🙂 ((hugs))

      Yes we did have a bit of an OMG- we did that moment. *lol* You just get so busy getting on with it you forget the time passes with you. 🙂

      I’m really glad that you were still able to enjoy this poem again and that it still spoke to you.

      It is a somewhat heavey line “safe harbour” it all depends on what safety means to you in that context.

      For myself it’s knowing you have one person in the world. You can confide in them because you know they’ll love you, that it doesn’t matter what storms life brings, how far you go or long long you’re gone, you know you have one place in the world that is home, where you are always loved.
      That’s a safe harbour to me. 🙂

      Thankyou so much again.

      Take care

  5. I usually get notifications in my email when you post a blog…I didn’t receive one this time around…Oh well!!! This is a wonderful poem. Wow!!! 12 years!!! Congratulations!!! How long have you been together? I just celebrated 11 with my better half last week. It’s amazing how when you’re with the right person, every day with the one you’re with feels like the first day. I wish you many more years to come.


    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks for stopping in. I don’t know what happened with the email notifications this week. They didn’t work for anyone. I guess it goes to show applications aren’t perfect.
      Hopefully by next week whatever the problem was it will have been resolved. *crosses fingers*

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the poem. 🙂

      Jamie and I have been together for 13 years and married for 12. Once we got e got to know each other we just fit as if we’d always been together. 🙂

      Congratulations!!! to you and your partner on 11 years!!! ((hug))

      I do agree with you, when you fnd the right person the time just flies.

      Thankyou for your good wishes and I hope you and your partner too have many more wonderful years together to come.


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