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Here is this weeks blog. It’s a piece of fiction. There is no “Impression” from me this week. Sometimes I like my stories to speak for themselves. 🙂

I hope you all are headed towards a good week.

All my best to you all

Tikarma xxxx



Are we afraid
Of what we may find?

Are we lost in the past
Of first meetings and carnal desire?

What sits on the dinner table now?

Are we afraid of what we may find?
Beneath wooly cardigans and flannalette sheets.

Time changes.
Lines wrinkle across landscapes once so smooth.
Time flirts between yesteryear and tomorrow.
Life takes its advantage and throws us out to sea.

We seem to have forgotten the life raft.
Just big enough for you and me.

Are we afraid
Of what we may find?

Is the past the better comfort,
Than the reality we can still have it now?
We don’t eat dessert anymore.
The rush for ice-cream and apple pie faded with a childhood.

Are we so afraid we’ll find there’s nothing left in common
Our eyes only trained for youth?

Age should make one wise.
To see we are but shells.

When I look into your eyes.
I remember still our first kiss.
Our first drive
How you took my hand…

Time is an immortal journey
I promise.
If we peel back the surface,
Who we are is ageless.


© 2010 Tikarma Vodicka


14 thoughts on “Ageless

  1. “time flirts with yesteryear and tomorrow”

    age should make one wise
    to see we are but shells

    love these lines of utmost consciousness !
    wonderfully described !

  2. Hi Tikarma,

    I really like this piece. It has truly got me thinking about a number of things. I have to admit that sometimes I live in the past. It’s not that I’m living in it, but more like I’m thinking of if I could only go back and change a few things. Then I bring myself to the present and remind myself that things had to happen the way they did in order for me to be where I am now.

    I do know quite a few people that live in the past, and it almost seems like they’re stuck there. It’s funny because I was just talking about this earlier.

    I think we all long for a time when things were innocent, and our only worries were who cheated on a board game. I think it’s great to look at pictures of the past from time to time. But to me, the past is the past, and we only have the present to live in. We might as well enjoy it.

    The problem with society is we put so much emphasis on time, that we are constantly rushing. It’s been over two years, and I am pacing myself a lot better these days. Even when you pace yourself you can still be on time as opposed to being rushed and on time. One is more enjoyable and one is more frustrating. It depends on which way you want to go.

    Einstein said time is an illusion. I’m beginning to believe it. Time is what you make of it.

    Lovely piece…



    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your insioghtful thoughts. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said.

      I am very anti rushing about. We certainly can develop a mindset where we feel if we don’t do it now now now! the world will end. But it won’t and it’s amzing how much better you can feel learning to slow down. As you said pacing yourself.

      It can be valuable to look into the past. To see how you’ve grown and changed i think what I was trying to express was not becoming fearful of the future because of the past.

      Society not only places an empathsis on NOW! but also youth. And we can’t stay young forever. Even if we can afford the thousands of dollars in corrective surgery and it doesn’t go wrong, Past your pretty face your age will show.

      In writing this I was remind of a story I saw many years ago of a man who left his wife because she became so consumed in the corrective surgery he no longer recognised her.
      I found that awfully sad because at the heart of this madness is fear. We buy into the youth thing and next we’re terrified of our own reflections.
      Making peace with ageing, making peace with knowing it was never meant to last. I think is very important especially when you are in a relationship. Letting go of expections and just allowing each person to be who they are and loving them for they are not who they were. It’s something important to me.

      I most certainly agree with you that time is what you make of it.
      We do have the choice to let ourselves get stuck in the past or use our time to move into the future. 🙂

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the poem and it got you thinking.

      Take good care of yourself.
      All the best.

  3. Hi Tikarma,

    I just love this poem! It is a great reminder never to grow up or grow old. We are who we make ourselves. One should never loose the inner child or sense of playfulness. Especialy if you are in a relationship. Keeping a sense of fun and eventure will always keep you both young at heart and the romance alive. It can be hard in the day to day of life, but it is important to grab those moments when you can. And when the Autumn years of your life approaches, grab it with both hands and live the life of fun and romance together, because you no longer have to be “respectable”!

    I do adore that last verse-

    “Time is an immortal journey
    I promise.
    If we peel back the surface,
    Who we are is ageless.”

    The emotion in that just hits like a wonderful brick! Great words that I will keep with me always.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. I love it.

    With love always and looking forward to growing old disgracefully with you,



    1. Hi Jamie,

      Thankyou for your lovely comments. Who knew a brick could be a good thing! *lol* I’m really am glad you enjoyed this poem.

      I do agree, we can’t let ourselves grow old. Okay the physical will not meet our desires for the rest of our lives but who we are never has to feel that burden of time if we choose not to.
      Staying young at heart is very important. Then again I’ve never been good at being at grown up so I’m all for gowing old with “disgrace”.
      Grown ups are boring!!….*lol*
      There is a time to get serious, and there is a time to laugh and enjoy the blessings you have. 🙂

      I look forward to the fascinating process of ageing with you too. 🙂


  4. Tikarma,

    “When I look into your eyes.
    I remember still our first kiss.
    Our first drive
    How you took my hand…”

    These words say it all – beautiful.

    I have long since reached an age when the mirror is perhaps not my best friend and when I would rather not catch sight of myself in profile 🙂

    But I have also long since known that beauty is to be found in the eyes – if I want to know who someone is I need to take the time to look into their eyes.

    A beautiful, thoughtful, inspirational poem.


    1. Hi David,

      Thankyou very much for most lovely comments. I’m glad there was beauty for you in this poem.

      The mirror only tells a half truth. We define beauty unfortunatly and all too often by the surface, but the true beauty of an individual is what emerges from beneath that surface.

      I will confess I’m not the biggest fan of mirrors. They’re a distraction. That said at the same time I find the whole process of change quite fascinating.

      I find more and more the saying the eyes are the window to a persons soul very true. The mirror may tell a half truth but the eyes never lie. 🙂

      You have a good week my friend
      Don’t forget to take a deep breath at least once a day. 🙂


  5. I would love to hear this set to some musical accompaniment by Jamie. I don’t know if they would fit as sung lyrics exactly or if they would be better read with a musical background, but I’d love to hear a melding of your (Tikarma’s) words (in YOUR voice) and Jamie’s music.

    1. Hi Cedric,

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this poem so muc you want to hear read!
      I think this poem is best read, to sing it would require some rearrangement.
      Alas this poem has not be chosen to be read on the CD I’m working on, but maybe the next CD after that *S*.
      I’m trying to arrange all the music myself but should my talent run out I will most certainly be recruiting Jamie.
      Thanks again.
      It’s always a pleasure to see you here.


  6. The inner beauty,
    and the never aging soul …
    It’s a beautiful poem – and very much to the point as for what matters. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week!
    Mum & Karley

    1. Hi Mum,

      Thanks very much for reading. I’m very glad you enjoyed the poem and found beauty within it.
      Sometimes we need reminding (in that universal way) of what is really important. 🙂

      You have a great week too!!

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