Alive Again

Hi Everyone,

Here is this weeks blog. A new poem, me musing with the paintng I’m currently working on. I hope some of you out there enjoy it.

Take care all.

Tikarma. xxxx


Alive Again


Half alive,
I want you to be full of life, but not yet.
Still re-bith
Still filling up the cup.

Scars and symbols play.
Dance in the periphery of vision.

“I will come alive again…”
But not yet…

I learnt your conversation with a seeming ease.
I still yet do not quite understand the language.
Facing you
Holding my crimson and rose
My vain display of ambition on show.

Mind twitches
Synapses split and fire.
There is no room for vanities here.
I must touch.
I must embrace.

Beneath the layers of yellow
Fingers smooth a glaze of vermillion
Over the glare of a sun.

Silhouettes tease.
Their time in a future soon.
For now the horzion their home.
Scarlet spreads herself in a haze and remarks like exlamations! 
Highlighting what lies beneath that noone else can see.
This is just for you and me.

Scarlet needs
Like memories seek
To hold you a little longer.

It streaks and stains.
From painful terrors to
Hopeful future.

I gaze into your horizon.
This universal scrap at understanding
This universal cry for hope.

I look to words past spoken in a need to understand.
To hope for comfort that elsewhere could not be found.
I wrote it because I needed it.
Now I crave it like a infant for the pacifier.

Scars and visions weave in and out
Impaitently waiting in shadows and light.

Dusk needs the darkness
I need the light.

You challenge me in perspective
I challenge you to manifest coherance.

Scratching at tears and tangents.
Drowning in hues of ultramarine
A dream.
This was my dream.
The journey.

Cradled in Tabula’s arms.
Your eye of firmament captivating…
You are the end…
The beginning?
Stepping back
Can I end in the fall?

To fall,

“…In chaos and confusion, lies peace and stability…”

…”endings are beginnings…”

“…I will go on, come alive again…”

Just not today.


 © 2010 Tikarma Vodicka


Poetical Impressions, Alive Again, October 25th, 2010.

How do you put images to words and words to images?
I guess you just do.
This won’t be much of an impression, in part because I’m still painting and in another part because I’m floating in a down. It’s nothing to worry about and like a cat, nine times out of ten I land on my feet, but it means I’m more in state of being rather than a place of thought and words. 
So I’m not being blog shy to those wondering… just finding it difficult to frame my thoughts.

So to stay on topic!
There’s a state of mind that I go to when I paint. It’s like no other place. The closest I can get to heaven on earth. No thought, or feeling, just being. Just moving but not really being aware of where that movement is taking me. An assurdness that all is just as it should be. It’s such a singular point of focus that at times I don’t even hear what is going on around me.

Sometimes though life, chores, the computer, chatter from now, the past, they block my way to that space.
When that happens I sit with my painting and say “Talk to me.”
The poems that emerge are those conversations.
I can’t really explain the poem because that would mean I understand the process and I’m not talking about the mechanics.
Sure I know how to put paint on a brush and make a picture but the process I’m talking about is creation.
Taking from my mind that picture, feeling or thought and making it come to life on the canvas.
The process that drives me to want to paint and not do sculpture or woodcarving instead. The passion and drive that keeps me standing long after my bedtime…these conversations…They are a different process.

This poem is such a conversation with my canvas. Wrestling out the painting. Where I am in it, what it is trying to say and what I want to say .
The lines in quotes are taken from the poem this painting is based on, ‘Barren Mountain Sunset’ which I wrote many years ago now.
Tabula is the name of my easle that currently holds the painting.

I guess, you have to try to imagine me having it out with my canvas *LOL* That’s the only way I can explain it.

…So I’m off to paint.

I hope for you all your week will be filled with moments of inspired creativity or just moments that leave you with a big grin and glad to be alive for that moment.
All my best wishes to you all.


12 thoughts on “Alive Again

  1. I really like the piece. The painting looks good. I’m not good at art work, but when I’m sketching or playing with Photoshop, I have that zone going for me. Sometimes I can do that with my writing and a little Beethoven. When I do my artwork, something like Seether is good. LOL.

    Sorry I’m not much of a conversationalist this week…I am worn, but I do love the piece.

    I hope you have a terrific week!!!



    1. Hi Diana,

      Thankyou so much for taking the time out in my blog. I’m not much in the mood for conversation myself at the moment either.

      I’m very glad you enjoyed this poem.
      I do relate to the music while working. I always have music playing when I paint and when I write. I’m a musical all sorts. It depends on the mood as to what I’ll play while working.

      Thanks again. I hope you find some space to re-charge and that you have a good week.
      Take care.

  2. Hi Tikarma,

    Such a fantastic piece. For a process that comes from within you, you have certainly found wonderful words that brings the reader into your art. Like you, many people do find it hard to describe their process of creation, but you have seemed to capture it so well. The poem is so well written and evokes the artist within. In reading it, it all makes sense and even makes people like me who can not paint, believe that they could. It is like your thoughts become the readers thoughts (if that makes sense?). Like your wonderful sky on your latest painting, you have given great beauty in your words too.

    Thank you for sharing this poem and bringing all of us into your world of creation.

    With love always and forever,



    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thanks very much for lovely comments. I’m very glad you like the poem and feel it does give the reader something. I’m certainly glad you feel it makes sense. I can never tell with these kinds of poems. I’m far too close to them, so I ‘m glad you feel it does draw out your artisitc side and leaves you in the first person.

      You never know, you know. 🙂 You haven’t tried to paint or draw yet. Who know what you’re capable of. 🙂

      Thanks again. Your support and enthusiasm is always very appreciated.

      Your always in love
      Tikarma ❤

  3. A lovely guide to “sticky beak” in to your creative activities! One gets carried along, wanting to know where it leads to … and more … “just not today”. I very much look forward to your painting!

    What a great way to start your week,
    Happy painting!
    (((herzlich))) mum

    1. Hi Mum,

      Thanks for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed the look into my world.

      There is certainly no better way to start the week than with painting! 🙂
      Like the painting reveals itself piece by piece, you too will have to wait with me to see how it turns out.
      Not that I’m getting impatient…never! *LOL*….

      I hope you’ve had a great start to your week.
      Happy Weaving!

  4. Tikarma,

    What a fascinating insight into process – your process.

    I am always interested in how the creative process works for others. I had a painter friend who once talked us through the process for a particular painting of his – I was spellbound.

    I have never painted, but I once spent a week learning to draw and what I learnt was that the space I go into to draw is completely different to the space I go into whan I write poetry. I have never really found that space ever since but I recognise your description of it.

    That you can have a conversation between different parts of yourself as part of the creative process is something I have never considered although I wonder sometimes if I do just that subconsciously during the process of creating a poem – certainly they sometimes turn out somewhat differently than I thought they might when I started.

    In fact more recently I have found reading comments on my poem that the poem may well have a different emphasis or a deeper underlying truth which I had not realised I intended. Trust the Process I guess. 🙂

    Thank you for exposing your process to us in this way.

    And don’t forget the deep breathing.

    I hope you have a relaxing week

    Take care


    1. Hi David,

      Thankyou very much for stopping in to read. Your comments and thoughts are always very appreciated!

      I do agree with you. The space I’m in when painting is not the same as when I write or when I draw. All three art forms are very different.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you did have conversations with yourself while writing. Even though it may be subconscious.
      There is so much going on in the mind when creating especially with poetry.
      The different areas, like language, emotions, the memory centre. They all need to work in harmony to make the poem work.

      I think me being me, I’ve just has to go one step further.
      While I love the science of how the brain works and how it all comes together to create I also appreciate the benefits of a bit of mysticism if that makes sense.

      For myself my canvases are their own indivdual entities and I’m convinced of this because often my idea is not what emerges on the canvas but the idea that works. 🙂

      When it comes to the viewer/reader again I agree with you. Often people will surprise me with what they see that I never saw. I think because language is so personal as well as images, it will depend in each persons world view and experiances as to what certain phrases or an image mean to them.

      Often we are not looking to see another view point but we are looking to confirm our own or find meaning through others in our own lives. So intrepatations of poetry especially always tend to be very individual.

      Thankyou again. You got me thinking! 🙂

      I hope you have a good week.
      Take care of yourself

      I promise I won’t forget the deep breathing! 🙂


  5. what do i say about this Tikarma, i dont know how to frame thoughts for this one as welll. but i was really taken in to that state of being, what you call the process.this amazingly fascinating process might be difficult to describe in words, but regardless i could corelate to what it means by your poem.. wonderful !!! thanks for sharing

    much joy


    1. Hi Amity,

      Thanks for taking the time and stopping by my blog.
      I’m glad that you enjoyed the poem and were able to follow along with my process for my art.

      I hope you’re having a lovely week.


  6. You know how I come up with these interpretations of your paintings or writings that indicate I have a slight inkling of what you intended but I take it in another direction? Well, this time I totally got it! The creative process is always a give & take with your product- whether it be a painting, a written work, music, or a relationship with someone else. People think that when one paints or writes that the artist has complete control over what comes out, but a lot of times we have to wrestle through what that final product is, figure out how to translate our thoughts & feelings into substance, and at times, put aside what we intended to do & allow what we really need to express come out. As an occasional writer, I know all too well about how characters can take paths of their own that the writer did not first intend.

    Thanks again to my dear friend Tikarma for sharing your soul with us!


    1. Hi Cedric,

      It’s always so lovely to see you here and read your thoughts.
      I enjoy it when you share your impressions of my work. I’m always intrigued where others will go with something I’ve done especially my painting. 🙂
      The time you take to go through my work always leaves me humbled. 🙂

      I’m very glad that this poem did speak to you so clearly.

      I completely agree with you that there is give and take in the creative process.
      Coming from a spiritual background too, for myself I believe it to be a gift hence it is something which is a part of me but at the same time something apart from me if that makes sense?

      Sometimes there is something deeper which needs to vent *lol* working with a blank slate in regards to end goals and ambitions I find often the painting or piece of writing, as you have found will diverge to where you are needing to be not where you are wanting it to flow.

      The insticnt of creation is fascinating and I hear it all the time “It became something else” The crux of where we can trust and let go of our writing, art, project etc. so that it can be what it needs, is a place I think I’ll suffer eternal curiosty for. It’s a beautiful space to be in. 🙂

      Thanks again. Your thoughts always bring a smile, to my face
      and my heart.

      Take care my dear friend.

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