Rainy Days

Hi Everyone,

This weeks blog is a bit of fun, I hope. 🙂 It always brings back good memories for me in any case.  🙂 I hope some of you will enjoy it.

Wishing you all a bright and blessed week. 🙂


Rainy Days


He doesn’t like the rain.

He has no raincoat or wellies.

No umbrella that suits his paws and size.


He gets so lonely.

No blackbirds with beaks full of grubs.

No pigeons resting from the sun.

No willy wagtail whistling all day long.

No honeyeaters or their song.


He gets so depressed.

With only grey cloud to be a friend.

Only the wet in which to rest.


He dreams of the sun.

Of warm tummy baking.

Of when he can chase rabbits through the fields all day.


He doesn’t like the rain.

How it makes his cubby wet.

The dirt turned to mud.

His thatching soaked through and collapsed.


Every now and then he takes a chance to play,

In puddles, through bushes to maybe spy a rat.

Defeated, he retreats with sniffle and sneeze.


He doesn’t like the rain.

Nothing to do except sleep all day.

He does like the fire that feels so much like the sun.

He dreams of rain coats and wellies.

Of the perfect umbrella to fit his paws and size…



©2007 Tikarma Vodicka


18 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Hi Tikarma,

    your blog was the first I saw popping up on the wordpress tag page and this pic already made me smile 🙂

    Lovely poem, exactly how they are!

    Cats are the best pets! I miss mine terribly.

    {{ hugs }}


    1. Hi Ina,

      Thankyou for such a kind response. I do agree cats make wonderful pets.
      Jakob (in the photo) was very special to me. I miss him very much too. He passed away almost 3 years ago so I’m very glad I have these poems to remember him by. 🙂

      I’m glad I was able to give you a smile. 🙂


  2. Hi Tikarma,

    Thank you for sharing this very special poem with me. I do love it so much as it captured Jakob just perfectly. He was our special little man and this just brings back fond, wonderful memories. And thank you for finding the perfect photo to go along with it. That’s our boy 🙂

    Thank you for brigthening up my day with memories that make me smile. 🙂

    With all the love in my heart, always and forever,



    1. Hi Jamie,

      Thank you very much. 🙂 I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed reading back again and that the poem has brought to mind many happy memories.
      He was indeed a very special little man. 😀
      I’m glad you like the photo too. 🙂 He did indeed enjoy his nap time. 🙂
      I’m greatful I was able to brighten up your day. 🙂

      Yours in love always


  3. Yes, me too (remember him warmly) 🙂 even though I only knew him as a visitor, I still very much enjoy the memories we shared.

    Lovely poem!!! and great picture too! Best of cats 🙂 !

    (((Big Hug)))
    with Love
    mum & Karley xOOOx

    1. Hi Mum,

      Thankyou very much. I’m glad that for you the poem brought back good memories.
      I remember the first time he and Karley met. That was a very special moment. 🙂

      I’m glad you like the photo too. Cats, doing what they do best! 🙂

      with much love and
      PATS for Karley
      (((BIG HUG)))

    1. 😀 *LOL* I do believe that is the most purrfect response to a poem I’ve ever had. Thankyou David. 🙂

      All my best to you for a good week!

      and K’sOTC

  4. Hi Tikarma,

    I love, love, love this!!!!!

    It is such a lot of fun and also, for me, very uplifting.

    It is a terrific poem and I see it as one of those childrens’ stories that has the extra subtle deeper meaning for adults whilst delighting children in a very simple way. So that’s me catered for on both fronts then!! LOL.
    A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh comes to mind.

    My favourite line is “his thatching soaked through and collapsed” -bless his heart. I can, when reading this, see how much your beautiful companion meant to you. As Jamie said “he was our special little man”.

    Our own fun is lovely but fun that someone else has created is so much richer, like eating a meal that someone else has cooked; it is always much tastier.

    love and (((HUGS)))

    Christine xx

    1. Hi Christine,

      Awww *blushing* I’m delighted that you enjoyed this poem so much and that it was uplifitng for you. 🙂

      I’m moved that such a wonderful story as Winne The Pooh would be bought to mind by reading this. 🙂
      It’s a story I love very much.

      I’m a big kid myself and Jakob certainly gave me an opportunity to let my inner child out some. 🙂
      Jakob helped me without knowing come to grips with living, as I was given him only a week after he opened his eyes. So I had responsibilty. As small as that responsibility was it is part of why I’m here today. 🙂 So yes he was indeed a very special little man.

      He had quite the knack for building cubby houses from bushes and grass, but they weren’t very waterproof so come winter he would always get pouty as he had nowhere to play and hide now everything was sodden and wet.
      The inspiration came exactly from that, watching the roof of a cubby collapse and the look on his face as he bolted inside. 🙂

      I love your closing comments! 🙂 So very true.
      I’m very glad that some of Jakobs antics were able to lift your spirits some and bring you some enjoyment.

      With much love and

  5. The kind of poem only someone who has truly known and loved an animal companion could write – I think it’s wonderful: warm, witty and full of the details that we pet-owners pick up on and make our four-legged friends unique and special to us. Our whippet has a waterproof coat, but he stil gets a wet head, which he absolutely detests. Thank you for sharing this poem – and your memories of a much-loved cat.

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thankyou for your most lovely response. I’m glad you enjoyed this poem and the memories.
      I think part of the specialness of pets is that in becoming companions they do in a way become their own little people and very much a part of the family.
      I can just imagine the look on your whippets face when he gets a wet head!
      Thankyou for sharing too. 🙂


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