The Adventures of Jackie Bear

Hi Everyone,

This weeks blog is just a smile. If you’re not into teddy bears and quotes you’ll want to skip this blog.

It was very last-minute as my original plans were de-railed and I found myself travelling all across Adelaide with a short stop in the city.  For those of you familiar with Jackie Bear, this was her first time on a bus and in the city. We were both nervous especially having no bodyguard to make sure no-one would step in and pick Jackie Bear up when I stepped away. We were both brave though and did a whistle stop tour of North Terrace in Adelaide. We both hope you will enjoy these snap shots and quotes and most importantly that they will bring a smile. 🙂

Wishing you all a bright and blessed week ahead.

Tikarma. xxxx



Jackie Bear drawing herself

The Adventures of Jackie Bear.

(Sharing Smiles)

The City.


Jackie Bear on the bus

“Today I rode on a bus for the first time. There were lots of people and lots of cars, and lots of everything everywhere! I’m glad I could sit in the carrier bag. It kept me safe and through the big windows I could see all the trees and roads and cars and things.”

 Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.  ~Marie Curie



Jackie Bear Parliament

“These are the top steps of Parli-a-ment House. I don’t really know much about gov-ern-ment. I do know that I like hugs and smiles and I think everybody should have hugs and smile EVERY – day!”

Think what a better world it would be if we all – the whole world – had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap.  ~Robert Fulghum,



Jackie Bear Library

“It’s a long walk from parli-a-ment house to the library for a little bear like me. Sometimes, I like to just sit and watch…and get my breath back!”

Towered cities please us then,
And the busy hum of men.
~John Milton



Jackie Bear Library

“Behind me is the State Lib-r-ary. That’s a tricky word to say! It’s way bigger than my lib-r-ary at home! It has way more books too and lots of computers and ar-chives so people can look into the past.”

To those with ears to hear, libraries are really very noisy places.  On their shelves we hear the captured voices of the centuries-old conversation that makes up our civilization.  ~Timothy Healy



Jackie Bear Museum

“This is part of the mus-e-um. I would have liked to go inside but it was closed. It has lots of animals inside and displays about different people from the past and how they lived. Then again!…I’m a bear!…They might think I’m a display!…would they??”

People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure.

David Attenborough



South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum



Jackie Bear Art Gallery

“I am a Statue! A Bear MAG-Nif-i-CAnt! *giggles* This is a pillar of the Art Gallery. There are lots of paintings here. Some of them are very important people from Adelaide’s history. Some of them are very pretty. Tiki’s favourite painting is here, but every time she goes to see it, it’s out on loan!… *rolls eyes* “

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.  ~Al Hirschfeld



Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia



Jackie Bear home time

“It time to go home now. It’s 7:00pm which will mean it will be past my bed time by the time we get home! It’s been a BIG day! I’m glad I have my carrier bag….it makes a good place to nap too.” 🙂

When we dare to face our fears, when we dare to smile at the world, we find often it smiles right back at us, through the beauty of our lives in world. ~Tikarma Vodicka




Jackie Bear’s Adventures. Sharing smiles one Adventure at a time. 😀

Jackie Bear Museum2

“Bye, Bye everyone. It was great to meet you!!”





Except quotes all other text and photographs © 2013 Tikarma Vodicka.


12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Jackie Bear

  1. Oh Tikarma, this is wonderful!

    It was a great tonic and brought masive smiles!

    I expect Jackie Bear is exhausted, but very content. 🙂

    Love and

    Christine xxxxx

    1. Hi Christine,

      Both Jackie Bear and I are very happy you enjoyed her little trip in Adelaide and that it made you smile. 😀
      She was indeed exhausted (as was I *lol*) , excited and content. 🙂

      ((((BIG BEAR HUGS))))
      from Jackie Bear
      and much love and
      ((((BIG WARM HUGS)))
      from me. 🙂

  2. I did enjoy the blog and photos. Jackie’s big adventure was such a joy to read! The quotes were great and fitted in so well and very appropriate. Jackie is such a wonderfully expressive bear who can always capture a mood so well with just an expression on her face.

    I bet the both of you are thoroughly exhausted (she is only a little bear).

    Thank you both for sharing your day put together and putting a big smile on our faces.

    With all my love and BIG bear hugs for you both,



    1. Hi Jamie,
      Jackie Bear says thank you!! And thank you for showing her how the GPS works. 🙂

      I’m really glad you enjoyed our little adventure and the quotes. She is indeed a wonderfully expressive bear. 🙂
      Sleep-ins for everyone! They were definintly needed. Thank goodness for public holidays! 🙂
      There’ll be plenty more adventures to come in the future. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing the smiles with us.

      ((((BIG BEAR HUGS)))) and love from Jackie Bear 😀
      All my love and ((((BEAR HUGS))) to you. 🙂


  3. this is adorable. If you have facebook look for flopps the bear. i am yet to take him out on adventures but you have now given me reason to do so , so that jackie the bear has a pal to share postcards with 🙂

    1. Hi Tasha,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Both Jackie Bear and I are very glad you enjoyed her little adventure and very touched that her travels have inspired you with Flopps the bear. 🙂
      I will certainly look Flopps the bear up when I next log into Face Book. Jackie Bear likes postcards. 🙂
      I don’t take her out too often, but it’s good even for bears to get a view of the world every now and again. 🙂 Someone at least gets a smile or laugh from our antics and that makes it worth it for the both of us.
      Thank you again.
      (((BEAR HUGS))) from
      Tikarma and Jackie Bear. 🙂

  4. Hi Tikarma,

    This whole blog is an absolute delight.

    Jackie Bear is such a pleasure to have as a guide to a city I have never seen before. And aren’t you the fortunate lady that she chose to take you with her for company 🙂

    I do hope that she will be undertaking more adventures in the future.

    I shall re-visit this blog from time to time when I want to restore myself to a better view of the world. 🙂

    Do give Jackie my thanks and my love

    and K’sOTC 🙂

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you very much! Both Jackie Bear and I are very glad that you enjoyed her little adventure and it has given you a smile. 🙂

      I am very blessed to have Jackie Bear as a companion in my life. There will most certainly be more adventures to come in the future. 🙂
      It wasn’t our plan to do the city this time but it seems to have worked out for the best. 🙂
      We hope to do the city again soon but we’re both glad you enjoyed the first little tour. 🙂 It is interesting to see other places. 🙂
      We’re both very touched too that you feel you can re-visit this blog again in the future.
      Jackie certainly has a way of making sure one doesn’t get too “adult” in ones ways of thinking and viewing the world. 🙂

      Thank you again.
      Arohanui from us both and
      ((((BIG BEAR HUGS))) from Jackie. 🙂

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  5. Thankyou for sharing your day with us!
    PJ Bear sends much love, and would love to meet up for coffee and cake soon *S*

    1. Hi Kym-Maree and P.J.
      Thank you for visiting and sharing in Jackie’s adventure. Both Jackie Bear and I are very glad you enjoyed her trip to city.
      Jackie Bear would love to meet up with P.J. again….I love coffee she loves cake…it’s a match made in heaven! 😀

      Much love from Jackie Bear to you and P.J.
      (((BIG BEAR HUGS)))
      and much from me and
      (((BIG BEAR HUGS)))

  6. The photos – and of course Jackie bear – are absolutely gorgeous!
    and I love your text and choice of quotes and your own quote!
    This is great, thank you for sharing something which makes smiling a joy!
    Wish you a good week,
    with Lots of Love
    and (((big HUGS))) to you both!
    mum & Yeva

    1. Hi Mum,

      Thank you very much! Jackie Bear and I are very glad you enjoyed her little adventure so much. 🙂 It’s good to be able to give you a big smile! 🙂

      *blushing* I’m not very quotable, but I managed to think of something *lol* I’m gad you liked it and the other quotes too. 🙂

      Wishing you a very good week as well. I hope the cooler weather makes it easier to work. 🙂
      I’m all dusted and tidied and ready to start painting again. 🙂

      With lots of love and
      (((BIG BEAR HUGS)))
      from Jackie Bear
      and Big Pats for Yeva from both of us.
      (((BIG BEAR HUGS))) from me.

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