A Moment In Time

Hi Everyone,

I am very happy to share that I have two of my paintings in this months exhibition ‘A Moment In Time’ at the Station Masters Gallery here in Strathalbyn.



© 2013 Tikarma Vodicka. Libushe Dreaming

Libushe Dreaming 

Acrylic on canvas board in frame. 42.5cm x 32cm (16.5″ x 12.4″)



© 2013 Tikarma Vodicka. Interlude Pt. 1


Interlude Pt. 1 

 Acrylic on canvas board in frame 30cm x 36cm (11.6″ x 14″)


The exhibition runs from the 18th of September until the 20th of October and features photographic prints and artworks, pottery and artistic crafts and cards from artists in Strathalbyn and the surrounding region. The Station Masters gallery is a community gallery for local artists and is run entirely by volunteers many of whom are contributing and featured artists. 

So if you’re visiting Strathalbyn during September and October and looking for something to do why not stop by the gallery at 20 South Terrace, Strathalbyn next to the information Centre. And if you stop by on a Friday morning, I’ll be sitting with a smile and friendly, Good morning! 🙂

Wishing you all a creative and inspiring week ahead




14 thoughts on “A Moment In Time

    1. Hi Diana,

      Awww thank you so much. *HUGS* It would be lovely to have you in my neighbourhood…who knows what the future may bring. 🙂 Thank you too for all you support I deeply appreciate your intrest and I’m touched you like my artwork. 🙂

      (((BIG HUGS)))
      Tikarma Xxxx

  1. Oh Tikarma, these are absolutely breathtaking! Both of them. I am so impressed by your talent. Your work just grows and grows, its wonderful 🙂

    Lots of love
    (((BIG WARM UGS)))

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thank you so much for your most kind words. I’m genuinely touched you like my artwork and in particular these two paintings. 🙂
      Part of what I love about paintng is that each time is something new and it’s always fascinating even for myself to watch myself grow and change. 🙂

      With lots of love to you
      (((BIG WARM HUGS)))

    1. Hi Mum,

      Thank you very much and for your kind wishes. 🙂 It is indeed nice to be able to be a part of this exhibition.:-)
      Wishing you all the best of success with the weaving and your new plans.

      With lots of love
      (((BIG HUGS)))

  2. Ah, Would that I could drop in to the Gallery on a Friday morning.

    I will be there in spirit to wish you well and perhaps to share a cup of coffee with you.

    Then I will likely step into and lose myself in that second painting – wonderful atmospheric image.

    Take good care of yourself

    And K’sOTC 🙂

    1. Hi David,

      😀 I would love to be able to show you around all the artworks and have a lovely chat. That would indeed make for a most lovely Friday morning. 🙂
      I will think of you with my morning coffee. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. 🙂
      Interlude 1 does seem to have that effect on most people, which I’m very grateful for. I find it quiet and peaceful, the dark night. It’s a good space to take a deep breath within. 🙂

      Take good care my dear friend.

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  3. I am not an art critic, but as the old saying goes, I know what I like. And I liked “Libushe Dreaming ,” very much. An abstract that I can hold dear to my thoughts is a rarity, but this one does it. The omnipresent sun bearing down on the kaleidoscope image (man bowing head) was dynamic.

    However, it was “Interlude Pt. 1” which I preferred of the two, because of the dark of the piece it touched my midnight thoughts which I lived beneath for many decades of my life. The moon(which I prefer) or the sun trying to break through the dark clouds cast a weariness over the entire project. Yes. My psyche ached with the dark of this piece.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Thank you very much for your most kind comments. I am glad you are not a critic. 🙂 Art is not for critics. It is not made to be viewed with a cold scrunity, but with the warmth of a heart. Art is the expression of an individual, a record of humanity. It’s exisits to speak, sing and feel within the hearts and minds of people. Critics are not people. *cheeky smile*

      I’m moved that both paintings spoke to you and that with Interlude Pt. 1 you felt so much from it. Both paintings are very dear to me in their themes. Libushe Dreaming reflects the journey of my cultural heritage and thus fires my heart, but Interlude Pt 1 is that deep breath in cool night where the heart calms and one can begin anew.:-)

      Thank you again. I always apreciate your visitng my blog and sharing your thoughts.

      Tikarma. Xxx

  4. Hi Tikarma,

    Congratulations on getting two paintings in the exhibition! I am very proud of you my love!!! ♡♡♡. I just love it that they are two very personal paintings that are very much a part of you! Well done and I can’t wait until your next exhibition!

    With all the love in my heart and a boot full of spousal pride to go along,

    xxx ♥♥♥ xxx

    1. Hi Jamie,

      Thankyou very much!! Thankyou too for all your support and encouragement. 🙂
      The paintings do come from a personal space and it’s nice to be able to share them with others. 🙂

      I’m sure there will be many exhibitions to come.

      Yours always in love and
      always flowing with spousal pride for you too!!!
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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