Flowers In Progress

Hi Everyone,

This week is a progress blog, 5 new flowers are in various stages of being painted, *fingers crossed* next week I’ll have a new bunch of flowers ready to show.

In the meantime….


© 2015 Tikarma Vodicka Flower Portrait Reference Photos.

These five flowers are the next flowers that will be painted. These will serve as my reference photos. I may or may not stick to what I see in the photo. 🙂

Before I could even begin painting I had to give my studio a big clean out. It’s always nice to start fresh.

© 2015 Tikarma Vodicka Tikarma's Studio 2015

My studio all ready for painting.


When I sat down to work I discovered to my horror that the tracing paper I had been using no longer works. I used to create imprints in the canvas using a layer of white paint and then I would trace the outline using the tracing paper. It would leave an imprint similar to a lino cut. This help me to keep my proportions as I painted.

© 2015 Tikarma Vodicka Daisy in Progress

As you can see in this photo from my flower portrait Daisy, The impression is just a guide but a very important one!

This time I began as I always did. The only difference was I started a new book of tracing paper leaves. It crinkled up like tissue paper within seconds, so I was not able to properly impress an imprint. Naturally I freaked out. It was exactly the same as the last tracing paper I bought. Maybe it’s me, and for some reason I’ve somehow forgotten how I did this. I used less paint to make my impression, More paint, let it dry until it was tacky (bad idea!) nothing was working. Every time it just crinkled up like tissue paper.

Needless to say I lost a lot of time this week mucking about with different tracing methods and carbon paper until I eventually conceded defeat. Now terrified of tracing paper, Jamie very kindly made the trek into the city for a box of Saral transfer paper. It’s not cheap but at least I can now start working and I know it will work.
I have had to make a compromise which I’m slightly uncertain about and that is to paint the backgrounds grey.


© 2015 Tikarma Vodicka Canvases primed for flowers

 If you hear a scream of frustration, it will be me because my theory hasn’t worked. I use grey in painting shadows so I find I don’t have the same issue with it as other colours. I hope this bears out when the entire background is grey. Pink, white and yellow flowers I’ve found really don’t like bold dark colours like deep blue and black, regular graphite tends to bleed into the colour dulling it, which is certainly not what I want.
I really hope my purchase of the white transfer paper pans out. I need the outline to not show through as much as the background.


© 2015 Tikarma Vodicka Flower Portraits for April 2015


These are the flowers transferred onto the canvas. Next week we’ll find out how successful I’ve been.

Until then I wish you all many an inspiring moment throughout your week.

Tikarma. Xxx


4 thoughts on “Flowers In Progress

  1. The studio looks marvelous Tikarma!!! All ready for painting time! Fingers crossed the transfer paper works out. I’m sorry you had a poor start to your painting week 😢 xxx 💖

    1. Thank you Jamie. 😊 There’s still plenty of room for you to make many more guitars. 😊
      So far so good on the painting front. If we always had everything go perfectly we’d probably get bored. Hiccups are all a part of it. I’m sure my week this week will go much better. 😊
      💗 xoxo 💜

  2. Wow it sounds like you’ve had a frustrating time Tikarma! I’m sure it will all come together and they will be beautiful as your work always is. I look forward to seeing them! And how lovely of Jamie to search out the correct tracing paper for you. Life is so much easier when we have a good support system around us, something I am realising more and more as time goes on. 😊

    Love and (((hugs)))

    1. Thank you so much Christine for your encouraging words and vote of confidence. 😊
      I feel very blessed to have Jamie in my life and so supportive of my art. Having support makes us stronger, and makes the world of difference on those not so good days.😊
      With Love and

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