Personal Passion (Original design) © 2015 Tikarma Vodicka

Personal Passion

Hi Everyone,

This weeks blog is my new painting ‘Personal Passion’. It’s not for sale. It’s my now rather early Birthday present to myself. Nonetheless I do hope some of you enjoy finally seeing the finished result.



Personal Passion (Original design)

Personal Passion (Original design)
Artists Collection
31cm x 41cm (12″ x 16″)



Personal Passion life shot © 2015 Tikarma Vodicka

‘Personal Passion’ on the wall. This spot is not the paintings final home but it gives you a little idea of what it looks like on a wall.



Art Diary, Personal Passions, Monday 9th November 2015

I am so happy to have this painting finished so soon. I genuinely thought it would take me longer. It must seem silly to some to be so self-indulgent. I’d normally write a poem. Since my radical hysterectomy I haven’t been inspired to write a word. My muse is on indefinite leave. Therefore I decided I would make a painting for myself instead. “Why!?”

“Why not!” 🙂

Personal passion, because it is. Possibly even more so since my last surgery. It’s the only intensive art I participate in now. It’s the main focus of my creative life.

It has not always been an easy road for me to be in such a good place painting. I feel very blessed and privileged. That’s something worth celebrating too I feel.
The design changed somewhat from my original design.



Original Design Personal Passion © 2015 Tikarma Vodicka



The image above is what I designed on the computer. It’s only when I sit down to paint that I decide what colours I will use. I deviated and added more shadows to the larger blocks to define them more. I made the flower heads in the middle more like flower heads and the leaves more like leaves. Rather than an outline I painted blocks of black to properly break up the larger blocks of colour in the inner circle. I also changed the centre completely and added a little firework flower. That seemed more apt to me.
I really struggle to stick to a design or a flower for that matter. They are just the guide around which the painting builds itself.
All my life…
“Let’s try to draw THIS tree.”
I could draw a tree, a perfectly good tree but not the tree in front of me. I would eventually digress and allow the tree to be what it wanted to be. It never mattered what it was, I could not draw or paint it as it appeared in front of me.
So alas it would seem this habit follows me, even for a flower or a design in which each line is pre-drawn for me by me!
I figure I’m not born to be an artist who documents landscapes or paints portraits etc. so that’s just fine by me. More than anything I find it amusing.
This week is my painting week and next up is a bush full of Marguerite daisies.



Marguerites In Progress © 2015 Tikarma Vodicka



I hope it won’t be the only painting I complete this week, I’m just taking it one painting at a time and well, we’ll see. 🙂

If you made it to the end, thank you. 🙂
Wishing you all a very creative week ahead.


6 thoughts on “Personal Passion

  1. Hi Ticky, absolutely thrilled with your final result, and actually like the painting hanging on the wall as it is. Love the way you shared how you feel about painting now, it is so ME, also, right down to the op, and now finally getting into some painting, even if just some wooden decorations for Christmas presents. I feel 2016 will be the year we both can show off our new “paintings”, Barry and I are off to KI for a 20year wedding anniversary holiday on Friday, looking forward to it.
    Catch you at the cottage soon, love Pammy Frangipani

    1. Hi Pammy,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing some of your journey.

      I’m really glad you liked how the painting turned out. 😊

      I’m very glad too you felt able to relate to my feelings about painting.
      That’s so great that you are getting back into some painting. I think decorations are a great place to start! 😊
      Wishing you and Barry a great time on KI. It’s a gorgeous place and a wonderful way to say Happy Anniversary.
      (((Big Hugs)))

      Indeed 2016 I’m sure will be a good year for us both creatively.
      See you soon. 😊
      Tiki. 🙂

  2. Woo hoo!!! It’s completed! And it has come out a treat! Well done Tikarma. It is a wonderful painting and I’m glad that you painted it for yourself. Sometimes we need to turn things around and do it purely for ourselves. It is a brilliant way to centre your art and yourself. And when you make great art, why not do it for yourself? It means you have taken on what I consider the most important apect of making art, and that is ‘turning yourself on’.

    I do enjoy both the design and colours and I think you have done a brilliant job in the execution of the painting. I for one am glad that your creative process is ongoing until the completion of the piece. It means that it constantly evolves until it decides it is its own entity. I can’t wait to see it on its final hanging position and becoming part of our home.

    Well done Tikarma and I am looking forward to your next painting. With all the love in my heart, Jamie xxx 💕

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you very much for your lovely and supportive comment.
      I’m really glad you like how the painting turned out.
      It’s nice to do something for myself for change.
      Sometimes the paintings go so quickly it’s hard to take in what I have done.
      It’s been fantastic, beyond my wildest dreams how well the flowers and designs have been recieved. It’s nice though to have something for ourselves and celebrate for us for a change. 😊
      It’s somewhat nerve wrecking painting in the way I do because I really don’t know how a painting will look or what it will be until it’s finished. It is though part of the fun and challenge too and it’s nice to be surprised by each painting. 😊
      I hope the painting will give you as much joy as it will give me over the years.
      Thanks for all your support and coffees. 😊
      To the next painting! 😊
      Yours always in love
      Tikarma Xoxo 💓

  3. Hi Tiki!

    Sorry it took me so long to get to your blog. I absolutely love all the work you do! I can’t wait to see the flowers. Your muse is around….She’s just guiding you to a different area of creativity.

    Happy early birthday!!! I know it’s a month away!!!



    1. Hey D.J.
      There’s no need to apologise. 😊 Blogs don’t have an expiration date. 😊
      Thank you so much for your kind and insightful comments.
      I’m really glad too that you enjoy the artwork. 😊
      You are so right about being led in a different direction. It’s a new voice I’m learning to speak with. 😊
      And Thank you!!! so much for the early birthday wishes. 😄 (((Big Hugs)))

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