Stargazing (Mixed digital image) © 2016 Tikarma Vodicka

Dreams and Stargazing

Hi Everyone,

Below are my submissions for the Stationmaster’s Art  Gallery themed exhibition Dreams and Resolutions.

Stargazing and DReam at the Stationmaster's Art Gallery © 2016 Tikarma Vodicka


Stargazing (left) and Dreams (right) Hanging at the Stationmaster’s Art Gallery



My apologies it isn’t the greatest photo. It was late and I was very tired and just glad to be packing up and going home.

An unframed view below.



Dreams (Mixed Digital Image) © 2016 Tikarma Vodicka


Mixed digital image

21cm x 26cm  (8″ x 10″ unframed)



Stargazing (Mixed digital image) © 2016 Tikarma Vodicka


Mixed digital image

31cm x 31cm (12″ x 12″ unframed)




Art Diary, Monday 18th January 2016

Well…I am genuinely shocked I managed to produce any art of any kind. I’ve been quite snowed under with the coordinator role at the gallery that I have barely had time for anything else.

This is an issue I am working on.

My issues aside, these images were made by merging photos with digital paint options.

Dreams is three layers. Photos I’ve taken of the moon. The second layer is lines curve and bent up in paint that I made in paint  and the third is a dream catcher I drew rather hastily in paint while brain storming for flyers and various textures and tints in my paint options.

Stargazing’s base is a photo I took of my water pot that I use for painting. I use an old glass percolator pot to rise my brushes. Over the course of the days painting, gold, silver, red and green paint had built up on the bottom. When I emptied it at days end and lifted it up to the light it looked so pretty I had to take a photo (well several actually 🙂 ) .

I took the photo that caught my eye the most and then applied various textures and effects to create a nebulous, starry like image.

That’s the basic summation of how they were made. Ideas come and I just run with them until they reveal themselves.

In other creative news, below are three flyers I created for our three exhibitions which begin this Wednesday.

I’m quite sure someone with a lot more graphic design and gallery coordinating experience than myself will be able to pick many flaws in all three, but for my first time giving it a go, I think I did alright. Our fourth exhibition Drawing On Country started today. The curator of that exhibition supplied the advertising, so I won’t show it in here. Although I will say I think we do have four really great exhibitions!

Flyer for Dreams and Resolution Exhibition at the Stationmaster's Art Gallery


Flyer for exhibiton of Kathy Smith for Stationmaster's Art Gallery


flyer for Richard Rogers exhibition at the Stationmaster's Art Gallery



If you’ve made it this far, thankyou and for indulging my show and tell. It might not mean a lot to most people but these little accomplishments mean a lot to me.

Until next week I hope you all have a very creative and inspired week ahead.

Tikarma. Xx


6 thoughts on “Dreams and Stargazing

  1. Both of these came out a treat in printing! I was really taken aback by how good they looked, especially Stargazing. Such a richness in colour that really pops! Well done Tikarma! It gives me great joy and pleasure to see you experimenting in mixed digital art and pushing the boundaries even further. It is amazing that you managed to produce anything while working full time at the gallery! And they look amazing hung on the gallery wall. And you have done a brilliant job with the flyers. They look very professional. I am very proud of you beautiful. You have done an amazing job all round. Keep the mixed digital art coming because they are of great artistic value. With all the love in my heart, Jamie xxx

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you very much and for all your help with getting the prints organised!
      I am very pleased with how the images turned out. One never knows, so it a relief.
      I’m really glad you like the images. It’s been fun to experiment. 😊
      It has been crazy busy. Even in those spaces I’m more crazy. I’ll find the time one way or another! 😊

      Thank you for all your encouragement and support. You keep me going.

      Yours always in love
      Tikarma Xoxo 💓

  2. Hi Tiki,
    I’m very impressed by the “Stargazing” – also very nicely framed!
    I am full of admiration that you managed to create two such interesting and beautiful art works while so pressured by the other work at the gallery! (not to talk about the heat!)

    Since I studied graphic design I am happy to be able to tell you that your flyers are very good! The only improvement I can see is in the 3rd one ( Richard Rogers) The back ground colour in the bar at the bottom (stationmaster gallery….) would look better much darker, as is it upsets your nice composition a little, It could also be that it just look like this on my monitor, – the problem with photos + Pc’s 🙂
    I think you have done extremly well!

    Hoping that the pressure on you will ease off soon and looking longingly forward to see more new paintings – and yes digital art too, after this great start!

    with lots of love
    xox mum

    1. Hi Mum,
      Thank you very much for your comments and feedback.
      I’m really glad that you like the images. Stargazing is my favourite. 🙂
      I guess I am still very determined/stubborn! 🙂

      I will take on board what you’ve mentioned with the colour on the last flyer. Thank you. 🙂

      I hope the pressure eases off too. As much fun as it is to experiment I miss my paint brushes.

      Wishing you good light and good progress weaving!

      With lots of love

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