Dianthus barbartus and Native Mystery © Tikarma Vodicka 2016

Dianthus Barbatus and A Mystery

Hi Everyone,

last week I left you with a flower portrait very much at the beginning of being painted. Since then I completed it along with another flower portrait.

Dianthus barbartus and Native Mystery © Tikarma Vodicka 2016

Dianthus barbatus (left) and Native Mystery (right)


10cm x 10cm (4″ x 4″)


Native Mystery is indeed a mystery. I haven’t been able to discover it’s identity but I presume it is a native tree owing to it’s rather unique succulent like leaves. I wasn’t able to paint them as are. My skills are not quite able to resolve that kind of darkness well enough on canvas just yet. It is a portrait, not a botanical study, so I’m happy enough with it.

These two paintings will be part of my exhibition which I am looking forward to participating in on the 24th of April at Sails @ Clayton Bay with fellow artist Dell Bartlett. We will be showing some of our artwork as well as holding a demonstration and explaining our techniques to those who are interested in learning how we paint. There will also be an open Mic. featuring various local musicians along with wine tastings and gorgeous food available. All in all a very interesting and fun afternoon!

Sails@Clayton Bay Advert for 24th April exhibition © Greg Coombs 2016 used with permission


I am currently working on Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon in progress © Tikarma Vodicka 2016

As you can see it is very much a beginning. It’s proving quite the challenge for me. This was a days work trying to get the leaf buds right. I’m almost there. Hopefully after the leaf buds it will be smooth painting!

Until next time wishing you all a creative and inspiring week ahead.
Tikarma. Xx



Sails @ Clayton Bay advert © Greg Coombs 2016. Used with permission.