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Below is a mandala I drew up. Something very different, but it’s nice to shake things up from time to time.


Mandala (original design) © Tikarma Vodicka

Mandala (original design)

31cm x 29cm (11.8″ x 11.2″)


Mandala in progress © Tikarma Vodicka

Mandala in progress


I apologise the photos aren’t the greatest. My workspace still isn’t set up for on-line sharing. My lighting is great for working, but terrible for photos. It is a dilemma I have to resolve but the rebel in me is procrastinating.

Art Diary, Monday 6th June 2016

I unfortunately came down with a very bad cold virus so regrettably I had to pull out of the Sails 1st birthday celebrations.

Not all my time was spent sniffling and sneezing.

I had recently purchased a pack of glitter gel pens. I have a weakness for glitter so I couldn’t resist them, even though I had no real idea what I would do with them. The mandala proved the perfect opportunity to try them out.

I wasn’t in the head space to do one of my usual designs, so I decided to see what would happen if I drew a mandala instead.
The gen pens worked a treat and I really like how the colours came up. The glitter effect doesn’t really show in photos, which is a bit of bummer.
The mandala draws on design elements that are very common in a lot these types of mandalas. I really love the traditional mandalas. I suppose I have retained more about their design than I thought!
It was very fun to do but with a total of seven hours from start to finish it is not something I think I will do very often.

It was still a good experiment and I’m very happy with the results. I’ve been trying to think of ways to speed up my process for demonstrations. Even though the mandalas are not in the style of my designs, they operate on the same principles. This mandala I’d say is rather easy in it’s design. There are no overlapping or interlocking aspects. There is no way any of what I do can be done quickly. I suspect many artists have this issue, and use work that is nearly completed. I know I’ll need to do that to a certain extant, but if I can show more than the finishing touches that would be ideal. Paper does speed the process up immensely and that gives me hope that if the design is pre-drawn than I will more easily be able to show my process and someone can see a design or flower emerge.

Painting with paper is very different to canvas I also did two proof of concept flowers. They took about 45 minutes each, just to see if I can still do what I do translated onto paper.


proof of concept. Painting flowers on paper © Tikarma Vodicka


I can indeed paint on paper! It was a big moment for me.

They are still far from what I would say is finished, but it’s enough for me to proceed knowing that even though the medium I’m painting on is different I can produce the same style of painting using the same painting techniques. The only difference is a lot less layers and I have little room for error because the drying time is extremely quick
I have some black paper I want to experiment with and I now need to paint a design and a flower to see how they actually unfold. That though will have to wait. I am back in my studio this week and I have a lovely stack of flowers waiting for me to paint. 🙂

Until next time, wishing you all many moments of creativity and inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Mandala

  1. Very cool! I think the pictures look great despite your situation. I know I have to clean up my own mess so I can start taking pictures again. Great work!!! 😉


    1. Thanks very much! You’re so kind, and I’m glad the lighting isn’t a distraction for you.
      The overall lighting in my workspace is rubbish which is why the photos come out dark.
      Until I can afford to fix it I just have re-think how I take progress photos for sharing.
      LOL I have a lot of mess too. I can’t help it. When I’m working it’s chaos. I don’t care if anyone sees it though. It’s creative mess, without it there is no art! LOL

  2. Well, I think the experiments were an outstanding success! It is fantastic to see you experimenting with proof of concept. The mandala is fantastic and just works beautifully. You’ve done a fantastic job making it all work and it is an excellent choice in colours. The symmetry to it feels nice and tight. And well done with the flowers too. Amazing to see you quickly knock up a few flowers out of your head. It looks like you haven’t wasted any time in being sick. Good luck with moving ahead in new directions and get better soon. With all my love always and forever, Jamie xxx

    1. Thank you very much for your very lovely comments. I’m really glad you liked the results of the mandala. It’s nice to have pleasant surprises along the way.
      The mandalas are very easy to get lost in.
      LOL I lost a lot of time being sick. I’m glad though I was able to make good use of some of the time. 😊
      Painting with paper is not so much a new direction but more an adaptation of techniques. That said who knows where it may lead!
      Thank you for your good wishes I hope you get better soon too!
      Yours always in love
      Tikarma Xxx

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