Tikarma Vodicka 2016



Tikarma Vodicka is a self taught artist working in acrylics.

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Tikarma now resides in semi-rural Strathalbyn with her husband, musician Jamie Mcpherson  and pet chickens.
Tikarma grew up surrounded by art in various forms, observing the skills primarily of design, painting and textile arts. 
Tikarma’s artwork encompasses themes which explore emotion, curiosity, the driving forces of survival and self identity.
Tikarma’s artwork has nature as a pivotal element within every piece. Influenced by the various landscapes of desert, sea and rolling hills of South Australia, each work is never wholly distinct in it’s sense of place, yet at the same time familiar. Tikarma also brings a love of Celtic, Persian and Turkish design into her artworks along with folk elements from her cultural links to Austria and Czechoslovakia. Currently focused on small flowers and abstract designs, Tikarma aims to create calming, one of kind artworks.
Tikarma’s paintings are always evolving and her style constantly being refined as she walks the landscapes of her state and the flowers and impressions she encounters along the way.

When not painting, Tikarma also enjoys, gardening, crafts, music and astronomy.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, it’s Diana. I decided to take your suggestion about the name thing. It wouldn’t let me change the URL, so I decided to create a new one with my initials and my son’s birth date…Thank you for being a friend. Hope you have a great weekend!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Diana,

    Thanks for letting me know. Ones’ name is always such a personal thing. I hope you’ll be happy with the changes you made. 🙂

    Thankyou! for your friendship. ((hug)) I hope you have a fabulous weekend too. 😀

    Take care.

  3. Ethel and I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. You’ll have to go to fourwindowspress if you don’t know about it, and if you follow the instructions you’re a winner. We are mainly trying to let you know how much we honor you and your work, so you may or may not chose to accept the award. That’s up to you, but we certainly think you are worthy of more than this one gesture of thanks for you and your poetry.

    1. Hi Thomas

      Thank you very much! I’m very moved that you consider my poetry worthy of one of your awards.

      I must admit living content in my corner here I’m not very aware of what other on-line communities are doing. I am though very honoured and will visit fourwindowspress.

      Thank you very much again,

      I hope yourself and Ethel are finding much to enjoy within this festive season.


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